Battery Management System

Power systems based on Lithium Battery Technology.


Battery Management System (BMS) with integrated MOSFET based Safety Breaker
Lithium Battery Technology

BMS, for safe use of lithium technology:
Built-in MOSFET based safety breaker.
The BMS is integrated in all Lithium Batteries from Clayton Power.

Battery Management System - BMS 4C

Battery Management System

from 12V to 72V

+ Charge and discharge
+ Cell temperature
+ Cell balancing

+ State of charge
+ Battery condition

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+ Active maintenance
Three-way balance of the cells.
Cell balancing in charge, discharge and idle mode.

+ Safe handling
Temperature and voltage control of each single cell.

+ Diagnostic output system
Statistics and information about condition of the lithium battery.

+ Data logging
Stores all relevant data on the built-in memory card.


Battery Management System - safe and efficient control of lithium battery technology

The BMS ensures a long lifetime, safe handling and high-accuracy State of Charge calculations.

The Battery Management System (BMS) monitors in- and output currents at all times.

Active cell balancing does not guarantee equal charging of individual cells - the BMS from Clayton Power does.

The BMS knows that the difference between a fully charged and nearly empty cell is only 0,125V.

The BMS interrupts charging before any one cell is overcharged.

The BMS knows that the difference between a lithium cell in idle mode and one discharged with 0,5C is only 0,2V.

Most accidents involving lithium batteries happen because of overcharging - the BMS from Clayton Power prevents this.

The BMS knows that values depend on time and temperature.

The BMS automatically reacts to shorts by turning off and restarting to prevent hazardous situations.

The BMS uses complex algorithms to calculate high-accurate State of Charge (SOC) levels.

The BMS monitors internal cell temperatures and detects critical changes.

Through accurate SOC calculations the BMS protects the cells against deep discharge.

All Lithium Ion Batteries from Clayton Power has an integrated Battery Management System. Learn more about the Lithium Ion Batteries ›

At Clayton Power we develop products and systems with integrated computerised Battery Management Systems (BMS) with intelligent chargers as integral parts.


BMS 4C - Battery Management System for lithium battery based power systems.

All the Battery Management System models allow for charge and discharge control of every single cell, cell-temperature control and cell balancing of each single cell in charge, discharge and idle mode.

The Battery Management Systems use a triple security system based on a combination of software and hardware security. 

An integrated MOSFET based safety breaker prevents shorts. CP Battery Management Systems ensure you the safe and convenient use of intelligent lithium battery technology. 

Our BMS models may be configured to alarm signals in case of over- or undervoltage, critical cell temperature, and/or critical charge/discharge levels.
As an extra feature, Clayton Power BMSs are equipped with a diagnostic output system that is accessible via your laptop. It offers you an extensive update on the system, the condition of battery packs, charge cycle statistics, and various other features.

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Model C*/CF** Volt Ampere Effect 15min. Peak Cell balance Dimensions (mm) Unit weight
BMS 4C / 4CF 12 250A / 300A 350A / 350A 500A 1,5A 320 x 185 x 67 4 Kg
BMS 8C / 8CF 24 250A / 300A 350A / 350A 500A 1,5A 320 x 185 x 67 4 Kg
BMS 12C / 12CF 36 250A / 300A 350A / 350A 500A 1,5A 320 x 185 x 67 4 Kg
BMS 15C / 15CF 48 250A / 300A 350A / 350A 500A 1,5A 320 x 185 x 67 4 Kg
BMS 19C / 19CF 60 125A / 250A 150A / 300A 400A 1,5A 320 x 185 x 67 4 Kg
BMS 23C / 23CF 72 125A / 250A 150A / 300A 400A 1,5A 320 x 185 x 67 4 Kg

C* = Conventional cooling | CF** = Fan cooling

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  BMS 4C

BMS 4C b 

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