Battery Management System


The BMS ensures a long lifetime, safe handling and high-accuracy State of Charge (SOC) calculations.

Safe and efficient control of lithium battery technology
Active maintenance

Three-way balance of the cells. 
Cell balancing in charge, discharge and idle mode. 

Safe handling

Temperature monitoring and voltage control of each single cell.

Diagnostic output system

Statistics and information about condition of the lithium battery.

Data logging

Stores all relevant data on the built-in memory card.

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Battery Management System for custom lithium battery solutions

At Clayton Power we develop products and systems with integrated computerised Battery Management Systems (BMS) with intelligent chargers as integral parts.



All the Battery Management System models allow for charge and discharge control of every single cell, cell-temperature control and cell balancing of each single cell in charge, discharge and idle mode. 

The Battery Management Systems use a triple security system based on a combination of software and hardware security.

An integrated MOSFET based safety breaker prevents shorts. CP Battery Management Systems ensure you the safe and convenient use of intelligent lithium battery technology.

Our BMS models may be configured to alarm signals in case of over- or undervoltage, critical cell temperature, and/or critical charge/discharge levels.

As an extra feature, Clayton Power BMSs are equipped with a diagnostic output system that is accessible via your laptop. It offers you an extensive update on the system, the condition of battery packs, charge cycle statistics, and various other features. 

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