CAN/SW Modem

For full control of your Clayton Power products and systems

For use via a laptop for:
Detailed system overview
Custom system setup
Firmware update
DATA logging Service

CAN 2.0B protocol

The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a differential serial half-duplex communication protocol with great robustness and reliability, which allows distributed real-time control between your Clayton Power products while ensuring high integrity of your system. 

Clayton Power SingleWire communication

The Clayton Power SingleWire serial communication protocol is multi-master half-duplex communication which enables a simple and fast data wiring between your Clayton Power products including G3 inverters, combi’s and lithium battery systems. 


No driver installation for the CAN/SW Modem is needed, just install and open the software and you are ready to go. 

Isolated data communication

The DB9 data communication connector is electrically isolated from the USB connector to provide protection to your PC in case of data wiring overload and misconfigurations. 

Virtual serial port (COM port) for easy interface and communication

The CAN/SW Modem communicates with the PC through an emulated serial port protocol (COM Port).  This protocol enables an easy interface with custom-made software applications and expansions.

Model no. DATA Input voltage Unit handling Dimensions (mm)
006-00003GF CAN/SW USB (5V) 20 170x94x23