Automotive Power Solutions

Lithium technology offers efficient and compact power solutions for emergency, service and industrial vehicles. Compact designs and low weight make lithium battery based power solutions ideal for vehicles with specific space and weight requirements.
Automotive Power Packages

Lithium Power Supply (LPS) and complete Lithium Power Kits



Clayton Power delivers complete plug’n’play power systems and solutions that provides simplicity and are easy to install and control. The LPS is a very compact all-in-one product, or choose one of the scalable lithium battery kits –it has never been easier to get 230V and DC energy available.
Automotive Power Systems
Lithium Power Supply (LPS)    
Lithium Power Kits  

Reliable and fast charge times

Lithium batteries are perfect for automotive use, such as ambulances, service vehicles, etc., with unpredictable days demanding stabile power supplies. Lithium battery solutions are vibration resistant and reliable at all times both as a main power supply and backup / UPS (Uninterruptiple Power Supply). A speedy recharge of a 12V–100Ah lithium battery in only one hour, one and a half for the LPS, in standby as well as while driving ensures a constant availability of energy. The full charging time for lead batteries is about 8-12 hours.

More energy with lithium batteries

Lithium ion batteries are more powerful and provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead–acid batteries. They can be discharged with up to 80 % compared to the traditional 30-50 %. Additionally they can be charged in small stages – fast and without damaging the long lifetime of up to 3000 cycles.

No maintenance

By investing in a lithium-based system, there is no need to think about maintenance and replacement of batteries for many years, or degradation of the exhaust system due to daily idle running

Low costs without idle running

The lead-acid system has a yearly fuel cost of €800,00 with idle running, where the lithium system only uses €160,00 on a slightly higher generator use, based on operating 2 hours a day, 200 days a year. This means that the lithium system has a Return On Investment of two years and three months. When comparing the lithium and lead-acid system, a saving of more than €4000,00 over the course of the system lifetime of 8 years is achieved.

Drastic reduction of fuel consumption and total CO2 emission

This saving represents a drastic reduction of fuel consumption and total CO2 emission reduction of 9,5 tons – based on two hours of operation, 200 days a year. The total level of CO2 emission is lowered by 70%.

LPS – All in One

Use 230V/50Hz and 12V anywhere.
Charge automatically while driving using the car’s excess energy
– or connect directly to the mains.

Remove the need for idle running

With our LPS or a lithium based mobile power solution consisting of a scalable 1kWh battery, an inverter system and a battery separator, it is possible to remove the need for idle running completely, this means a large saving on fuel and CO2 –and a pollution free working environment for your employees. If a LPS or combined inverter/charger is used, the possibility of charging from mains is added. 

Environmental zones – and improved working environment

In several European cities environmental regulation must be complied with when operating within environmental zones, regulating the amount of CO2 particles and noise that is allowed to be emitted during the day. This problem is non-existing for the power solution part by implementing our lithium system. Additionally there are significant working related advantages by shutting off the engine while working, such as low noise emission, no vibration and especially important no emission of health hazardous particles, thereby creating a healthier working environment.

Lithium battery based power systems – well suited for use in:

Ambulances, fire brigade vehicles, broadcast vehicles, police vehicles, inspection vehicles, busses, libary busses, vehicles for service and craftmens, mobile homes (rv), etc.