Maritime Power Systems

The ultimate freedom at sea. Lithium batteries may be discharged with up to 80% of their power capacity during high consumption without shortening their lifetime – traditional lead batteries are in effect damaged if discharged more than 30-50%. 

Auxiliary Power Systems for maritime use

Increased possibilities onboard

A complete lithium power solution from Clayton Power provides 12 or 24 VDC for lights, navigation systems, bow thruster etc. simultaneously with 230VAC for TVs, household equipment, and much more. Lithium technology increases your comfort and possibilities onboard and makes you independent at sea.

Easy to use – easy to control

A single touch of a display gives you 230V power ready for use and a total overview of energy consumption, state of charge, and remaining charge and operation time. Lithium systems are compact, low-weight, and energy efficient – a 35 kg 200Ah lithium battery provides the same amount of energy as a 160 kg 400Ah AGM lead battery and lasts years without maintenance.

Six times more than the lifetime of lead batteries.

Lithium technology thus doubles the amount of consumable energy per cycle which together with very speedy charge times extends you independency of shore supplies. Its lifetime is up to 3000 cycles, six times more than the lifetime of lead batteries. Lithium is by far the most energy efficient solution for life at sea.

Electrical propulsion for maritime use

Lithium power systems provide 24VDC for electrical propulsion and 230VAC for high-consuming equipment simultaneously.

Lithium batteries – a more efficient energy output

A 200Ah lithium battery compares to a 400-600Ah lead battery by releasing the double amount of energy for actual high-peak consumption, and up to four lithium batteries may be coupled to double or quadruple the output – two lithium ion batteries may provide a full 500A output. They require no maintenance and last up to six times longer than lead.

Low weight, speedy charging

Lithium systems are compact and may reduce the weight of your craft significantly. The batteries charge extremely fast, in down to two hours for a 200Ah battery. If the motor control system supports it, recuperation is possible and batteries charge while the motor is running. They may even be integrated with existing renewable energy sources on your craft to increase your power capacity onboard.

+ More efficient power utilisation
+ Compact design and low weight      
+ Charge in few hours     
+ Charge from mains and while sailing
+ Longer lifetime, no maintenance
+ Power supply for high-peak consumption

Lithium ion batteries with built-in BMS

An integrated Battery Management System monitors and controls the condition of lithium batteries and automatically balances individual cells during charge, discharge, and in idle mode. The BMS may be configured to an alarm signal and communicate with the motor control system which sends the craft into creeping speed in case of a nearly full discharge and shuts the boat motor down when the discharge is complete.