Military Power Solutions

Mobile off-grid power systems for military vehicles and storage use.

Stay off-grid – explore the era of lithium battery technology

Save space, reduce weight, and get more efficient energy available for high consumption with a lithium power solution from Clayton Power. Lithium Ion Batteries with intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) –for high performance and easy control.

Long lifetime and low weight

Lithium batteries weigh a fraction of traditional AGM lead batteries but provide the double amount of energy and have a lifetime of 3000 charge/discharge cycles.

Short charging times

Charging times are short, and lithium power solutions are efficient and reliable – ideal for surveillance equipment, weapon systems, and military vehicles that need to function off-grid for longer periods of time. 

Integrated Battery Management System

An integrated Battery Management System monitors and controls the condition of all Clayton Power lithium batteries and automatically balances individual cells during charge, discharge, and in idle mode. 

Integrating power solutions

At Clayton Power we have experience with integrating our high-quality power solutions into military vehicles. Explore the possibilities – contact us and find out how we can satisfy your needs.
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Lithium Power Supply

All in one – for use of 230V/50Hz and 12V simultaneously

Charge automatically while driving using the car’s excess energy or connect directly to the mains.