Carglass on mobile power supply: ”It works beautifully”

This statement is made by an experienced technician from Carglass about the compact Lithium Power Supply, which provides power for tools and equipment in the van. 

”We cannot let our customers down”, says Operations Director, Thomas Nørgaard Jacobsen, of Carglass Denmark. Reliability is the key word for Carglass, which has high requirements and standards regarding equipment. 80 % of operations are on a mobile basis. Meaning that the technician carries out his work on site and changes a windscreen or repairs a crack or chip where the customer requires.

LPS provides ample power all day

Most of the tools and equipment used daily require power. Carglass has a compact LPS 1500W (Lithium Power Supply) from Clayton Power supplying 220V and 12V. The Lithium battery LPS recharges very quickly during transport from one job to the next, ensuring that sufficient power is available when technician arrives at his next job, thus eliminating waste time. Any battery tool is charged efficiently and easily in the van through the LPS.

For repairing cracks, we use a milling head and a 220V compressor.

When changing a windscreen, we use a cutting tool, a battery drill and a 1500W glue gun. Before handing the car over to the customer we clean the interior with a NIlfisk vacuum cleaner.

LPS is good for business

The LPS gives Carglass great flexibility. We can operate almost anywhere: parking areas, multi-story car parks and country roads. You never have to consider if sufficient power is available. ”It works really well”, says skilled technician, Peter Nielsen.

The van is equipped with a Modul-System racking solution providing space for both tools and spare windscreens. The van works as a mobile repair shop and you need to be able to carry out the same jobs as in our main work shop.

LPS is also used in the German Carglass fleet

Apart from Denmark Carglass is also using the LPS in Germany where 260 vans are equipped with an LPS. Carglass, Lithuania also uses LPS.

Carglass Denmark is part of the multinational Belron Group. In Denmark Carglass operates nationwide, and 120 technicians attend to 85,000-90,000 customers each year.

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