LPS all-in-one power supply for service vans with operational reliability and increased efficiency

Many daily operations with high power consumption and fast charging during short drives. Those are Hydroscand’s demands for a power supply in their service vans. With a lithium battery based LPS from Danish Clayton Power, Hydroscand gets operational reliability and a lifespan that by far outmatches lead acid batteries.

Efficient energy and fast charging

Lithium Power Supply, Hydroscand powers compressors, angle grinders, shearing machines etc. from their service vans. ”Before we started using lithium batteries, we often ran out of power”, says Henrik Skjellerup, Manager of SlangExpress at Hydroscand. The LPS charges while driving, and has an operational time twice as long as lead acid battery solutions. Today, Hydroscand always has enough power for the next customer.

Reliable and competitive

”We used to have lead acid batteries in our service vans […] and often we had to change them within six months”, Henrik Skjellerup explains. With a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional batteries, an investment in the lithium solution pays off. The LPS has a powerful built-in lithium battery lasting up to 200 re-/discharges, opposite 350 for lead acid batteries. This makes the LPS a competitive product on price, quality and durability.

The LPS leaves room for more tools

The LPS is an all-in-one power supply with low weight and a compact design. The built-in lithium battery weighs only 1/3 of lead acid batteries with the same amount of available energy. ”By switching to lithium batteries, we have obtained a weight reduction on our service vans, which is very important to us – as the total weight on our vans is just below the allowed limit”, says Henrik Skjellerup. With the LPS Hydroscand has more space for tools, while following the rules for total weight on their vans. 
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LPS - Lithium Power Supply (2500W Battery Generator)
HydroScand Service Vehicle
HydroScand Service Van

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