New green and powerful “battery generators” known as LPS - Lithium Power Supplies from Clayton Power

The CO2-friendly “battery generator” LPS from Danish Clayton Power is now available in three variants, the most powerful one being suitable for angle grinders, compressors and industrial vacuum cleaners. The mobile LPS power supply systems with powerful lithium batteries are suited for use in service vans, boats, and cottages – and gives access to 230V and 12V power simultaneously.

Compact, energy efficient, fast charging and a long lifespan. That is what characterizes lithium batteries. And these advantages are useful in service vans functioning as mobile work stations with on board power supply.

The modern, green choice

Previously, there was only a choice between noisy gasoline generators or inverter systems based on lead acid batteries of dubious quality and reliability. Today, you can choose the green, noiseless and powerful LPS, now available in three variants: LPS 1200W-60Ah, LPS 1500W-100Ah and LPS 2500W-100Ah.


An LPS (Lithium Power Supply) is a complex inverter system with a built-in lithium battery that works as a generator, but without the noise and pollution. The LPS is efficiently charged from solar panels, the mains or from the car while driving. It is also fully functional in new cars with Euro 6.

Powerful tools up to 2500W

The new and powerful LPS 2500W-100Ah provides up to 5000W in peak, and is suitable for e.g. compressors, big angle grinders and industrial vacuum cleaners. Just like the 1500W-model, it has a built-in 100Ah lithium battery, equivalent to two 200Ah lead acid batteries.


All three LPS models have a built-in lithium battery of high quality and with a long lifespan. Along with an easy installation, this keeps the customers’ price at a competitive level. The smallest model LPS 1200W has a 60 Ah lithium battery, equivalent to a 120Ah AGM lead acid battery, with a suggested retail price (SRP) on  € 1.859,- excl. VAT. 
Learn more about the LPS for mobile power or find your local dealer

New LPS - Lithium Power Supply (battery generator) for power tools
New LPS - Lithium Power Supply (battery generator) for power tools
New LPS - Lithium Power Supply (battery generator) for power tools

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