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Lithium batteries by Clayton Power reduce generator use for Aarsleff A/S

Great cost reduction, less noise and a 75% CO2-reduction; this is the result of the cooperation between danish Clayton Power and Aarsleff in developing energy efficient solutions to trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

75% reduction in CO2 emission

The execution of trenchless pipe rehabilitation in an environmentally responsible way is possible. Aarsleff Pipe Technologies focus on energy saving potentials in materials, methods, processes and equipment. Most recently, this has led to a 75% reduction in CO2 emission in the mobile CIPP lining systems, if lithium batteries replace their primary energy source.

The generator is only running 20-25% of the time

”The Swineherd”, one of Aarsleff’s mobile systems for installations of CIPP linings, is built with the new battery pack as the primary energy source.

”The energy comes from a 230 and 24 Volt hybrid power system based on the lithium-battery technology. The lithium batteries are quickly recharged by a diesel-generator – it takes less than one and a half hours – and then the generator shuts down automatically”, explains Esben Meyer, supervisor at Aarsleff Pipe Technologies and leading man on the development of “The Swineherd”.

This means that the generator is only running 20-25% of the time, as opposed to 24/7 as it used to being the only energy source. It is thereby possible to reduce the generator’s operating time with 75% and save up to 1.000 liter diesel each month as well as 28 tons CO2 on a yearly basis – solely on “The Swineherd”.

Less noise and a welcome to urban areas

The reduction of CO2 emission and the lower diesel use are not the only advantages.

”We have built a system, which gives us several considerable environmental improvements. Our noise is significantly lower, now that the operation of the diesel-generator has been reduced and combined with the low CO2 emission it allows us to operate in urban areas around the clock with the lowest possible inconvenience to the surrounding residents”, says Peder Bjerre Jakobsen, the head of sales and marketing at Aarsleff Pipe Technologies and continues:

“For our clients, especially power supply companies, it is of great importance, that their pipes are rehabilitated using energy-conserving methods and thereby contribute to the reduction of environmental impact. When we can reduce noise at the same time, we offer a highly desirable solution”.

Payback period of less than four years – solely in saved diesel

The construction of ”The Swineherd’s” power supply is developed in collaboration with Clayton Power, who have delivered the lithium-battery package. The use of lithium technology is a long-term solution because of its uniquely long lifetime with its 3.000 re- and discharges.

“Building a new CIPP lining system, developing our technology and refining our equipment, obviously requires a large investment, but measured in saved diesel alone, the investment with the battery package is payed off in only four years”, concludes leading man for Aarsleff Pipe Technologies, Esben Meyer.

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