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Inverter, charger, booster and lithium battery

– the all in one Lithium Power Supply (LPS)

With a Lithium Power Supply you can use 230 and 12 Volt wherever and whenever you need it. Use 230V for your power tools, battery chargers and other electrical appliances –up to 1500W – and stable 12V energy for installed equipment –without being dependent on your vehicle being in expensive and polluting idling.

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LPS 1200W - 60Ah

€ 1,859.00
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LPS 1500W - 100Ah

Powers 1500W and 3000W in peak.

€ 2,249.00
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LPS 2500W - 100Ah

Powers 2500W and 5000W in peak.

€ 2,649.00


A Lithium Power Supply – LPS, is a ‘all in one’ power supply which consists of:

- A 12V – 100Ah Lithium Ion Battery with 70A output and integrated Battery Management System –BMS for secure application and extended life span.

- A 230V Pure Sine Wave Inverter that gives 3000W in peak and 1500W for consumption –also for sensitive appliances.

- A 230V Intelligent Charger that charges with 12V – 50A directly from the mains.

- A DC-DC Booster that allows you to recharge with 45A from the vehicles alternator.

Easy installation

The LPS is connected to the starter battery - with just one single cable - utilizing the vehicles alternator while charging. It is easily disconnected, and can be brought along and used as a gen-set.

The LPS is easy to use and keeps you updated

You get an overview over consumption- and charging status, remaining operation time and remaining charging time.

Automatically charging while driving

A Lithium Power Supply – LPS, automatically charges while driving - using the vehicles excess energy. After only 30 minutes of driving the LPS is charged 30%. The LPS can also simply be plugged in –and charged directly from mains.

Automatic wake-up and shut-down function

The LPS has an automatic wake-up and shut-down function which means that it turns on when a charging source is connected. When the source is disconnected, the LPS will automatically shut down again.

Long life span and low weight with the Lithium Power Supply

You can use and charge the lithium battery based LPS in short periods of time without affecting the long life span –whereas traditional lead acid batteries would decay over time. Additionally you get six times more charge/discharge cycles available –and a weight reduction of more than 50 kg.

Built-in start aid (extra)

As an extra feature the LPS is also available with a built-in start aid –which boosts the starter battery if it is dead.

Powerful and CO2 friendly

The Lithium Power Supply (LPS) from Clayton Power is a powerful unit with a high energy utilization. It is ideal if you want to be flexible and have noiseless, CO2 friendly –and easy access to energy – everywhere.

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