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A battery generator replaces petrol-driven tools and traditional generators with poor combustion

Abandoning petrol-driven tools and generators with poor combustion is now an easy choice. An LPS battery generator for the vehicle from Clayton Power produces 230V and 12V power for both battery chargers and powerful electrical tools.

Flexible and reliable anywhere and everywhere

With a battery generator installed in the vehicle, you can use powerful electrical tools with a heavy consumption of up to 2500 W. Electrical compressors for air tools and battery chargers can also be installed in the vehicle, so that all battery tools are fully charged and ready for use every morning.

LPS Battery Generators

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LPS 1500W - KIT1

Powers 1500W and 3000W in peak.
Including Remote and Console.

€ 2,406.00
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LPS 2500W - KIT1

Powers 2500W and 5000W in peak.
Including Remote and Console.

€ 2,806.00
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LPS 2500W - KIT2

Powers 2500W and 5000W in peak.
Including Remote, Console and Super Charge.

€ 3,185.00

No fuel or maintenance

Petrol-driven tools often have poor combustion and require a good deal of maintenance in addition to the trouble of handling the necessary petrol cans. This also applies to old-fashioned generators, but modern power tools make everything much easier; you just need the batteries to be charged or a socket where you can plug the tool in.

No noise or heavy lifts

There is no exhaust on a battery generator, of course, contrary to the traditional generator or air compressor with a petrol-driven motor. Motors with exhaust must be used outside the vehicle, which means that heavy lifts are necessary to get them in and out. Noise, lifts and exhaust are nuisances that contribute to a poor working environment, but this is avoided with a battery generator.

Effective charging from the vehicle

An LPS battery generator from Clayton Power is charged directly by the vehicle while on the road. Although some additional consumption is required, the end result is still a CO2 reduction of at least 75% compared with a generator. LPS battery generators from Clayton Power can also be charged from solar panels or the grid.

Capacity corresponding to 25 tool batteries

The battery generator has a built-in lithium battery of 1 kWh, corresponding to 25 standard tool batteries. In addition, it can be supplemented by LPS Super Charge, which makes it possible to charge 1000 W from large vans, and the battery is charged after only 10 minutes of driving. 

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