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G3 Combi 1312–80

12V - 230V Combined Inverter/Charger. 
Powers 1300W and 2000W in peak.

€ 1,180.00
Model no: CC1202
SKU: CC1202
12V – 230V/50Hz
230V/50Hz output
Peak: 3000W
>15 minutes: 1500W
Continuously: 1300W
230V Charger: 80A/12V

Deep discharge protection

Protects the battery pack against deep discharge.


True/pure sine wave curve

Energy as from the mains grid. Handles sensitive electrical appliances.


Smooth start-up technology

Start-up of electrical appliances with high-peak power loads.

At Clayton Power we know the importance of a stable and continuous power supply, yet most machines and devices use significantly more power in start up than at any other point in operation. Therefore, our inverters are designed to supply 2-3 times more power for shorter periods of high–peak consumption.

The Clayton Power Inverter/Charger is excellent both as a main power supply and emergency UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) off-grid solution, and ensures a stable power supply for important equipment. In case of unforeseen loss of power from mains, the automatic switch-over to a battery powered AC-supply takes less than 10 milliseconds and leaves almost all appliances operating uninterruptedly. The Inverter/Charger continues to supply a pure sine wave AC-voltage.

The design is compact, low-weight and combined with lithium batteries may reduce the weight of vehicles with up to hundreds of kilos compared to AGM lead-acid batteries. The units provides ideal mobile off-grid power solutions for any vehicle with special power demands.

Advanced switch mode technology enables the G3 Combi Inverter/Charger to power a full output on a temperature scale from -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F). All components are coated with a special lacquer that makes the Inverter/Charger moisture and damp resistant and prevents dust related problems.

In order to minimise failure rates and ensure the high quality standards that characterise all Clayton Power products, every Inverter/Charger goes through an extensive testing program before being sent to our customers. We make sure that our products are vibration resistant and suited even for harsh environments.