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eFlex – lightweight flexible solar panels

eFlex combines flexibility, lightweight and performance into a solar module that only Flisom can build. Our fully flexible solar panel is ready for direct integration on all kind of surfaces.


+ Low-load bearing commercial and industrial solar roofs
+ Works on EPDM, TPO and Modified Bitumen membrane roofs
+ Works on standing seam roofs
+ Perfect for low-load bearing roof situations – only 3.5 kg/m2
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2,90 m - 110 W eFlex Solar Panel

Model Number: Solar Cells FF110 110W-120W 3m

SKU: RS2001

Electrical characteristics

Nominal power: 110 W

Voltage at nom. power: 35.1 V


Length: 2879 ±2 mm

Width: 411 ±1 mm

€ 259.00 Excl. vat € 323.75 Incl. vat
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+ Ready to be bonded on many qualified membranes and metal surfaces
+ Adhesive over the full back area of the flexible solar laminate – ensures lifetime adhesion
+ Reduced BOS cost due to simple peel & stick adhesive – No additional mounting hardware or assembly times required
+ Non penetrating roof installations – no risk of water leakage or roof damage
+ Lightweight solar installation allows installation on every roof, no roof enforcement or extra ballast required
+ Safe installation with lightweight panels- no heavy bulky glass panels on the roof, which might be a risk for safety
+ Flexible solar panels are bonded flat on roof and do not add additional wind load to the roof, much better aerodynamic design for high wind speed areas
+ Uniform black design provides the best look, important for architects and buildings with visible roofs
+ Durable non-breakable Swiss made solar panel design
+ Highest shade tolerance due to laser interconnected thin film cells
+ High energy yield in all light conditions due to CIGS technology