Industrial Power Solutions

At Clayton Power we know the importance of quality, design, and efficiency. Our lithium power systems save space in your products, reduce their weight, and provide more energy for longer periods of time compared to traditional AGM lead batteries. They have a lifetime of an amazing 3000 charge/discharge cycles, and lithium technology provides by far the most energy and cost efficient solutions in the long run.

Lithium Ion Batteries
Solutions in existing designs

At Clayton Power we have solid experience with implementing our Battery Management Systems and complete lithium-based power solutions in already existing designs and products.

The BMS logs performance history

An integrated Clayton Power BMS logs performance history and other relevant data from industrial machines which facilitate EVT tests, help shorten testing periods, and provide documentation for future service and use.

Fully integrated power solutions

Know-how is the key to success, and we ensure fully integrated power solutions where all components and applications function together.

Various products and equipment

Clayton Power solutions may power various products and equipment such as cranes, measuring equipment, mobile warning signals for roadworks, etc. – your imagination sets the limit. So contact Clayton Power with your ideas and find out what we can do for you.

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