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LPS - Lithium Power Supply

News Models! 1200W, 1500W and 2500W

All in one. Compact lithium battery based power supply for easy access to 230V and 12V energy.

Lithium Power Kits

230V and 12V/24V Power Systems

Scalable power kits based on lithium batteries for use of 12V or 24V and 230V/50Hz simultaneously.

Sine Wave Inverters

12V or 24V to 230V/50Hz

G3 Inverters - DC/AC Power Inverter for 12V or 24V to 230V/50Hz pure sine wave.


12V or 24V to 230V/50Hz

G3 Inverter/Chargers - Combined power inverter and intelligent charger in one compact unit.

Lithium Ion Batteries

12V and 24V Li-Ion Batteries

100Ah Lithium Ion Batteries with integrated Battery Management System (BMS).


Accessory for Power Kits

Remote for Lithium Power Kits, G3 Inverter and Inverter/Chargers Series.

230V Fuse Box

Accessory for Power Kits

230V/50Hz ground leakage relay with Neutrik connectors.

230V Charging Cable

Accessory for LPS and Power Kits

2m cable with Neutrik and CEE 7/7 plug.

DC Fuse and Fuseholder

Accessory for LPS and Power Kits

100A DC fuse and fuseholder.


Accessory for LPS and Power Kits

Anderson (DC), Neutrik (AC) and SUB9 connectors.

LPS Mounting Console and Brackets

Accessory for LPS

Quick and easy mounting in vans and other applications