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LPS 2500W - 100Ah

Model Number: CL1703

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Model LPS 2500W – 100Ah
Battery chemistry LiFePO4
Battery capacity 100Ah (1320Wh)
Available capacity 80Ah (1050Wh)
AC Input Voltage 207 VAC – 253 VAC
AC Input frequency 45 Hz – 65 Hz
AC Input power (Charge power) 800 W (3,5A)
AC Output voltage 230 VAC pure sine wave
AC Output frequency 50 Hz
AC Output power Continuously 2000 Wrms (8,5A)
AC Output power 15 min / 15 min / 10 min 2500 Wrms 11A)
AC Output power Peak (10sec) 5000 Wrms
AC Output power AC IN connected 2300W (10A) / Socket
DC Input voltage 12 - 15 VDC
DC Input continuous current < 50 A
DC Output Voltage 13,2 VDC (9,2 - 15 VDC)
DC Output continuous current 60 ADC
DC Output Max Impulse current 20 min 70 A
1 min 100 A 100 A
10 Sec 150 A
Operating temperature (Output will be limited below 0°C) -20°C~50°C
Cooling Forced air (fan)
Self-discharge rate per month (Sleep mode) < 3%
Operating mode self consumption (Only DC Output active) 5 W
Operating mode self consumption (Inverter and DC Output active) 35 W
Sleep mode consumption < 25 mW
Connection 230VAC Neutrik and Schuko
Connection 12VDC Anderson SB50
IP rating IP21
Product Weight 28 kg
Product dimensions in mm (HxWxL) 250x244x390
Package weight 30 kg
Package dimensions in mm (HxWxL) 350 x 355 x 495