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New LPS all-in-one "battery generator” powers 2500W and 5000W in peak.


Compact and green power supply in fibre vans from Eltel Networks

The compact LPS power system is used in the Eltel Networks' vans to provide reliable power for fibre cable blowing at customer premises. It is important that power is constantly available for safety reasons and also to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Case Story

LPS power system operational after a short 5 – 10 minutes’ drive

A 5-10 minutes’ drive provides enough power for the LPS 2500W of SOS Dansk Autohjælp to operate the entire equipment as if it had been charging all night, says technician Kristian Bonderup who operates a service van. The quick recharging is a huge advantage when working in the...

Case Story

Carglass on mobile power supply: ”It works beautifully”

This statement is made by an experienced technician from Carglass about the compact Lithium Power Supply, which provides power for tools and equipment in the van. 

Case Story

Keep your power tools fully charged? Get a compact LPS 2500W for circular saws, compressors and battery...

Powerful, compact and fast charging is characteristic for an LPS 2500W "battery generator" for your service van. Connect your power tools in no time and be ready for a new day with fully charged batteries.


New green and powerful “battery generators” known as LPS - Lithium Power Supplies from Clayton Power

The CO2-friendly “battery generator” LPS from Danish Clayton Power is now available in three variants, the most powerful one being suitable for angle grinders, compressors and industrial vacuum cleaners. The mobile LPS power supply systems with powerful lithium batteries are...

Case Story

LPS all-in-one power supply for service vans with operational reliability and increased efficiency

Many daily operations with high power consumption and fast charging during short drives. Those are Hydroscand’s demands for a power supply in their service vans. With a lithium battery based LPS from Danish Clayton Power, Hydroscand gets operational reliability and a lifespan...

LPS - Lithium Power Supply

New models! 1200W, 1500W and 2500W

All-in-one. Compact lithium battery based power supply for easy access to 230V and 12V energy.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Powerful. Fast charging. Long lifetime.

Efficient 12V and 24V - 100Ah lithium ion batteries with integrated Battery Management System (BMS).

Lithium Power Kits

230V and 12V / 24V Power Systems

Scalable power kits based on lithium batteries for use of 12V / 24V and 230V simultaneously.


Get 230V power everywhere. Anytime.

The combined G3 Inverter/Charger gives full output power under extreme conditions and in harsh environments.

Sine Wave Inverters

12V or 24V to 230V/50Hz

G3 Inverters - DC/AC Power Inverter for 12V or 24V to 230V/50Hz pure sine wave.