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We power mobile workshops

Cut costs and CO2 emission:
Stop use of engine idling and fuel based generators
Power Solutions made for Specialists

Compact, powerful and lightweight

All-in-One 230V and 12V Li-Ion Battery System.

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Out of stock

LPS 1200W - 60Ah

€ 1,859.00
Product image

LPS 1500W - 100Ah

Powers 1500W and 3000W in peak.

€ 2,249.00
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LPS 2500W - 100Ah

Powers 2500W and 5000W in peak.

€ 2,649.00

Li-Ion Batteries

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12V Li-Ion Battery - 100Ah

12V Li-Ion including BMS. Capacity: 1320Wh

€ 1,633.00
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24V Li-Ion Battery - 100Ah

24V Li-Ion including BMS. Capacity: 2640Wh.

€ 2,970.00

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