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600W Super Charge DC-DC Converter

Model Number: Bidirectional DC-DC Converter 9V-36V 600W

SKU: CD1801

Multiple functionality: Super Charge for the LPS II - Charging from any vehicle alternator - Multiple-battery setup - Automatic voltage regulation.

Electrical characteristics

Supply Voltage: 10,9 V - 32 V

Input Current: 0-45 A

Output Voltage: 14,4 V or 28,8 V

Output Current: 0-40 A

€ 379.00 Excl. vat € 473.75 Incl. vat


Supply Voltage: 10,9V - 32V
Input Current: 0-45A
Output Voltage: 14,4V or 28,8V
Output Current: 0-40A
Output Control: 5 stage charge
Wakeup Input Range: 0-36V
Wakeup Input (Deactivate): <3,0V
Wakeup Input (Activate - Delayed 15sec): >4,0V
Power consumption (Idle): <1,6 W
Power consumption (Sleep): <1 mW
Operating temperature range: -25 to 80 °C
Weight: 620 g
Dimensions: 222 x 110,5 x 40 mm