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New G4 Li-Ion Extension Batteries

Taking battery technology to new heights

From 192 kg lead batteries to 28 kg lithium batteries.
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Taking battery technology to new heights

Clayton Power is excited to introduce its new range of G4 Lithium batteries. We are launching two new 12 V battery models, 280 Ah and 100 Ah. The G4 Lithium batteries can be used as capacity extension for the LPS II models.As always, quality and safety come first. The design, weight and choice of material stand out in comparison to alternative products.
Lithium-Ion Batteries 280 Ah and 100 Ah

Capacity extension for the LPS ensures all future needs

The Clayton Power G4 battery range offers the LPS II customers more flexibility. If the need should arise, the LPS II can easily be upgraded with one or multiple G4 batteries increasing the capacity of the LPS II. The battery is connected to the LPS with a simple communication cable and a DC-DC converter to transfer energy between the battery and the LPS.

Superior charging and discharging rates

The G4 Lithium-Ion batteries have been equipped with cutting-edge technology and include state-of-the-art LiFePO4 cells. The new batteries combined with the LPS II have the best-in-class weight energy ratio, superior charging and discharging rates, and a long lifespan. We believe we have created the best performing lithium batteries on the market.

Double the transfer power to 1,200 W using 2x Converters

The DC-DC converter can transfer 600 W per hour between the LPS and the battery. Adding an additional DC-DC converter you can increase the transfer power to 1,200 W per hour.

Plug and go - You've got the power!

Scalable and ultra compact power solutions

Automatic detection by LPS

The LPS II will automatically detect the G4 extension when installed. Simply activate the extension via the LPS's main screen and the display will now show you up-to-date data on the complete system run time and usage. This set up is perfect for EV's where your onboard power needs to last as long as your vehicle range.
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New 12 V - 280 Ah and 100 Ah Li-Ion Extension Batteries

The included DC-DC converter can transfer 600 W to the LPS per hour.+ Capacity extension for the LPS+ Including 600 W DC-DC Converter+ Double the transfer power to 1,200 W using 2x Converters+ Safe battery technology – LiFePO4+ Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)+ Ready for parallel connection with the LPS+ Integrated power switch+ Designed for heavy duty environments and requirements
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Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)

Cell-balancing for high performance and precise State of Charge (SOC).

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Metal frame and flame-retardant enclosure

Vibration and safety tested for leisure, industrial and automotive use.

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High-energy density Li-Ion Battery Cells

High-end and compact LiFePO4 battery cells with high-energy density and long lifetime.