Auxiliary solutions

It is possible to save space, reduce weight, and get more efficient energy for DC and 230VAC high-consumption equipment onboard along with being up-to-date with environmental trends with lithium ion batteries.

Lithium batteries weigh a fraction of traditional AGM lead batteries but provide the double amount of energy for consumption and last more than six times longer in average.

Charging times are very short, and the lithium technology provides perfectly reliable mobile power solutions that may function as both main and backup power systems for various equipment.

We deliver systems for the mobile automotive industry such as:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Special vehicles 
  • Mobile homes & RV’s Military
  • Road services 
  • Busses 

Auxiliary Solutions:
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Back-up and storage solutions

At Clayton Power we know how important it can be to have an uninterruptable power supply.

Therefore we deliver systems that do just that with a combination of the latest Lithium battery technology and high quality inverter/chargers we insure that there is power when you need it.
Back-up and storage solutions:
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Electrical propulsion

At Clayton Power we have solid experience with implementing our Battery Management Systems and complete lithium-based power solutions in already existing designs and products.

An integrated Clayton Power BMS logs performance history and other relevant data from vehicles, which facilitate EVT tests, help shorten testing periods, and provide documentation for future service and use.

Lithium systems are compact and may be integrated with existing renewable energy sources on the vehicle/craft to increase your power capacity. Lithium is the first step to saving significant costs on fuel and maintenance.

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Electrical traction

Modern power technology based on lithium ion batteries creates value, provides flexibility and efficiency to industrial robots and applications.

Know-how is the key to success, and we ensure fully integrated power solutions where all components and applications function together.

Clayton Power solutions may power various products and equipment such as cranes, tippers, lifts, electrical motors, industrial robots and even complete mobile factories – your imagination sets the limit.
Electrical traction:
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